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      Kezar Lake

      Maine Lakefront Homes | Waterfront Lake Homes, Lots and Property on Kezar Lake

      Kezar Lake is one of the most popular lakes in Oxford County with notable summer residents including Stephen King, and several executives from some of the largest corporations in the country. Rudy Vallee and many other celebrities have owned lakefront homes on Kezar Lake throughout the years, and many properties command very high prices. Kezar Lake is 9 miles long and up to a mile wide with a maximum depth of 155 feet. The most expensive real estate is located in the upper bay and middle bay, with more moderately priced waterfront homes in the lower bay.

      Backed up against the White Mountain National Forest, Kezar Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world with it's open bays and dramatic mountain views. There are plenty of homes, cottages, camps and building lots available throughout the year.

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